wä dé

Two words in birifor, a language from the South-West region of Burkina Faso, a small country in Africa.
This expression is an invitation to someone to come and take something. There is this idea of a gift. A gift from you to someone you love. Two words full of meaning and filled with memories and affection.
wä dé is a multidisciplinary project that champions the countless talents of the African artisans, but not only. We believe objects have several and plenty of stories generated by these different experiences. It doesn’t matter whether these stories are long, short, happy or sad, and will only die if the object ever becomes obsolete. Never before.
Throwing it away is not an alternative.
We don’t go by the rules so our products are not influenced by trends.
We are committed to supporting local, independent, small businesses around Africa. Therefore, we are working closely with small craftspeople to showcase some of their treasures made with love and passion so these treasures can start a new journey with you.

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