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Africa Mission International

The vision that the author encountered during dark night while in prayer on the slopes of the second highest mountain in his nation - Mount Meru - led him to launch the first church - Sakila Native Church - in his place of birth: Sakila village: Between two mountains: Kilimanjaro and Meru.

As founder and local pastor he conveyed the village vision for several years not assuming that one day he will lecture in the nations of the World: Leave alone authoring books as he does today - Vision For mission - as his other books is the book born out of spiritual experience: Not born out of religious dead dogma.

The book conveyed not man-made theology - Here the reader will grasp insights that will make it possible to see the bible in a different eye and look beyond letter so to experience what the letter tells.

This is the book for people of all walks of life who are eager to step beyond knowledge and reach into personal experience: The author is founder and director of: Africa Mission International: Sponsors many: Before reading the book you are thumbing right now better spare enough time - You will never place it down until you are through: Are you ready? Be ready for - Vision For Mission.

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