Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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This book is about discovering and maximizing your potentials in Christ.Your potentials and gifting can only manifest when you allow the Holy Spirit find expression through you.The manifestation of the Holy Spirit must be fully operational in your life.The concept of the baptism of the Holy Spirit though very important has been handled with a large degree of abandonment so much so that, so many people today, though very zealous,Bible believing and practising Christians are not accurately informed about it and so do not even see the need for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.The signs and wonders you are expecting in your life and ministry are possible if only you can open up your mind to picture it.

Picture the arrival and when you finally hit your target, it will be done so effortlessly.

It is one thing to have a gift and an entirely different matter to put it to use, you must work hard and charge your mind to produce maximally.

The Holy Spirit is the perfect Guide in this case.The Holy Spirit will disclose to you God’s ways, what his mind is and what he desires to say to people both in the church and the nation!There is more to it, Have a blissful time of discoveries as you read on!

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