The Transformation of Igala Traditional political System upto 2003


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Traditional institutions are institutions meant to safeguard traditional practices at every level of human organizations.

Among the Igala of central Nigeria area, these institutions were saddled with the responsibility of providing political leadership at all levels of Igala Communities.

Custodians of these institutions are known as chiefs.

The chiefs controlled and directed the affairs of their subjects on a daily basis.

As a result they were respected and revered by all their subjects.

However, the advent of British colonial administrations with their new or modern system of administration had seriously impacted on the hitherto revered institutions through their divide and rule system.

This action of the British imperialists led to serious transformations of traditional political system in the land.

Chiefs who were custodians of these institutions and were traditionally respected by their people suddenly became tools in the hands of the colonialists.

They were reduced to mere messengers of the colonialists and so could no longer assert their authorities.

The action of the colonialists provided an opportunity for those yearning for change to initiate rival political institution.

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