Nature's Plea

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The Beginning of Plantoia Mandate

Mother Nature, as in nature personified as a woman wearing a green tree leaves coat became immensely worried about the state of climate change on Earth.

She appears to a man by the name of Austin who is married to a fashion designer called Amirah.

The message she gave to Austin was urgent - a plea to President Lordwick Meyerton of the Republic of South Africa to reduce carbon emission.

Before the plea could reach the President, Austin died, killed by Mother Nature's Arch rival, the Pollutionist.

Someone had to take over from where Austin left, and only his wife could finish the job given by nature.

The mandate of making nature's plea known to the president got deadly and planet plantoia had to send a worrior to protect Amriah from the Pollutionist.

Aiden's Plantoia Mandate is make sure Amirah delievers nature's plea to the president safely.

As soon as nature's plea reached the president, the Pollutinonist because even more irid, ploting to kill the president before he could send the plea to United Nations Headquarters.

The time came at the end of plantoia mandate that Aiden found himself attracted to Amirah, but their relationship was ended by Aiden's departure to planet plantoia.

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