Organizational Behaviour in Educational Management


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The attainment of the objectives is the raison d’etre for its existing and its only warrant for commanding a share of scarce public and private resources.

There are usually a number of educational objectives in any given situation and often they are in competition with one another.

They range from very general, and sometimes ambiguous goals, for the system as a whole and identified as national goals.

Accountability in education refers to the practice of holding educational systems responsible for the quality of their products: students’ knowledge, skills, behaviour and attitudes.

It has been noted that accountability describes a relationship between two parties in which four apply.

One party expects the other party to perform a service or accomplish a goal.

The party performing the activity accepts the legitimacy of the other’s expectation.

The party performing the activity derives some benefits from the relationship.

The party for whom the activity is performed has some capacity to affect the other’s benefits.

The O.B system rests on the fundamental beliefs and intentions of those who join to create it and of those who are hired to manage it.

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