Steady state Analysis, DC voltage control of SEIG used in wind turbine

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Due to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions more attention is being given to renewable energy.

As wind is a renewable energy it is a clean and abundant resource that can produce electricity with virtually no pollutant gas emission.

Induction generators are widely used for wind powered electric generation, especially in remote and isolated areas, because they do not need an external power supply to produce the excitation magnetic field.

This book presents a self-Excited Induction Generator (SEIG) driven by wind turbine and supplying an induction motor which is coupled to a centrifugal pump.

In first time, the effects of variation of excitation capacitance on system and rotor speed under different loading conditions have been analyzed and considered to optimize induction motor pump performances.

In second time, a simple algorithm based on the direct torque and flux control (DTFC) with a Fuzzy logic controller scheme has been presented to maintain the terminal voltage of the generator and the DC bus voltage constant for variable rotor speed and load.

The proposed controls scheme has shown very good voltage regulation even with sudden application and removal of load on the DC side.

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