Prix réduit ! ZENARA, The source the beginning, blind mirror 1 de Ronald Asang et Bazil Asang

ZENARA, The source, the beginning... Blind mirror 1 et Bazil Asang

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A dramatic change of weather, stirs up the higher ranks of the moon territory.

Kind of sinister presence; the hidden change. Everyone is anticipating chaos, but the humans are carrying on with their daily activities.

The king Svezcen observing the prying eye helps the moon territory army anticipate attacks from the unknowns.

Then, the prying eye picks up massive vibrations from vegetative lane : the unknowns have come very close to city center. They therefore decide to put everyone in safe environment.

As feared, the unknowns made their way through and start their onslaught once more. Many soldiers get lay down and buildings are destroyed. The Humans suffer heavy defeat, the worst ever, as the unknowns had grown terribly strong. The king fears that the end is near if nothing is done to make them hope for a change. 

Against all odds, there is still a hope for the inhabitants of the moon territory : the birth of the native son of the moon territory KISA'S legacy...

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