Abortion (Based on quality of life): A Threat to Human Life
  • Abortion (Based on quality of life): A Threat to Human Life
  • Abortion (Based on quality of life): A Threat to Human Life

Abortion (Based on quality of life): A Threat to Human Life

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The practice of abortion has become a great worry in the contemporary world.

Some countries have authorized it while others have not.

The debate on the morality of abortion is among different scholars.

The pro-choice movement and other scholars have supported the act while the pro-life scholars have not supported it.

Some of the pro-choice movements have argued from the quality of life point of view.

They find it a problem permitting the birth of a foetus with mental or physical challenges.

They oppose preserving or protecting life of a deformed foetus on grounds that it is not worthy living.

They perceive its life as a burden to the family.

These pro-choice movements in support of such a position have either not understood the value of human life or have understood it in a wrong way.

This, in a way, has increased the number of abortions based on quality of life.

On the other hand, the pro-life movement gives a contrary response to the pro-choice arguments for abortion.

And now with the above background, vital questions arise.

What is more fundamental and crucial; human life or its quality? Should a foetus be aborted on the basis that it has deformities?

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Born in Ndola, Zambia, Leonard Katulushi is a missionary student from Africa aspiring to become a missionary priest with the Missionaries of Africa.

He holds a BA in Philosophy and a Diploma in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the Catholic University of Malawi.

Presently Leonard is studying Theology in Ivory Coast.

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