Finitude, Crossing, Blurring Boundaries and Disrupting Tradition in Ordained by the Oracle

Finitude, Crossing, Blurring Boundaries and Disrupting Tradition in Ordained by the Oracle

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The book analyzes the novel Ordained by the Oracle through socio-cultural, symbolic and anthropological frameworks.

It examines funeral rituals, the duality between the visible and invisible worlds, and the role of the oracle, spirits and ancestors in society.

The study sheds light on the notions of space, time, myth and reality in the Akan society.

It demonstrates that literature crosses disciplinary boundaries and can be seen as a form of anthropology.

The analysis will be of interest to students and researchers in African studies, literature, religion, culture, sociology, and anthropology.
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Michel Tinguiri is a cultural anthropologist, literary scholar, linguist and translator.

He teaches French and cultural anthropology in Maryland, USA.

His interests include languages, cultural studies, gender, development, as well as technology in education.

He published a novel entitled “The Tribulations of a Sahelian Traveler” and a collection of poems: “La Parole Muette et les Echos de la Justice” (Mute Speech and the Echoes of Justice).

His research projects focus on African migrant teachers in the United States, fiction, and poetry writing.

He is also interested in painting and visual art in general.

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Michel Tinguiri
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